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Teens who are dominating Instagram - Business Insider

Kylie Jenner made the list. Some are celebrities, some are models, some are simply social-media stars, but all of them know how to add the perfect filter bare ass pic have captured the attention of the Teenie.

More importantly, some have captured the attention of major brands. And given the rise of influencer marketingit's fairly likely that we'll be seeing more of these social media stars aligned with big brands, soon, too.

Hot!MeSS Teenie Weenie Swimsuit | Dolls Kill

Why she's Insta-famous: Ren began biz modeling career on Tumblr, according to Cosmopolitanwhere she connected with her boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez. The biz continue to share photos of their travels and together have gained huge followings. Jenner is arguably the queen of Instagram. She may be the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner squad, but her presence on social media is comparable to her big sisters'.

Teenie Weenie Swimsuit

You'll see lots of teenie pouted posts on her Instagram promoting her insanely popular lip kit. Why he's Insta-famous: The Hawaii native shares his makeup skills and sharp-witted humor on Instagram. The majority of his posts are videos, and you'll frequently see him discussing highlight powder and "on fleek" eyebrows.