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The party sex

Sarah Jane Banahan, 34, originally from Liverpool, sex she's a businesswoman and shrugs off the abuse she gets for hosting the parties.

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Sarah Jane Banahan, 34, offers events that satisfy her rich punters' wildest desires and has made a huge success of it. But she complains she gets abuse, with people branding her a sex slave. Before her current career, Sarah, who grew up in Liverpool, graduated university with a fashion marketing the, working her way up in the industry before becoming fed up.

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She told the Liverpool Echo: This was the turning point in her life, even though she didn't know anything about sex parties at the time. She said: I was quite kinky and I started going to sex parties with my now ex-boyfriend.

Ditching her job party the bar, she started a business with her partner called The Play Experience - where single nude photos artis and couples get together for "experimentation", often in private suites and mansions.

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Each person who requests to join is vetted.