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Tickling and sex

A new study has found that tickling men's feet can fix the problem of premature ejaculation - but there's more to it than it seems.

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Supposedly, the current causes no pain as scientists specify that it is so mild that the men felt tickling ticklish sensation.

The study was performed and 30 men who struggled with premature ejaculation and found that warriors of porn treatment increased the duration of sex.

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This is because the current passes up the tibial nerve to other sex of the body, including nerves in the pelvis to control the muscles used for sex. The study, conducted by Yuksek Ihtisas Hospital in Turkey, used a very small sample size when using the electric current.

This means you probably shouldn't use a defibrillator on your partners feet to spice things up.

Why Some People Get Turned on by Being Tickled

Since the study was done on just a handful of men, more research needs to be done to find out just how effective the treatment is. For more on sex and relationships, check out what Chloe Madeley and James Haskell say about their high libidos. And check out the growing trend of artificial sex in our exclusive interview with Harmony - the sex robot.

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