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Undressed striper

We spoke with a young woman who once worked in a Berlin strip club.

17 Truths About What It's Actually Like To Be A Stripper

She spoke to us about the challenges of stripping and explained what it is exactly that she likes so much about her job. The following are excerpts from our interview, which speak to her experience working in Germany, where prostitution is legal.

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I've always liked the sense of playfulness that goes with teasing and sexuality. When I was twelve, I wanted to be a burlesque dancer, which is very erotic. Before that, I began with ballet when I was three years old; later on, it was jazz and hip-hop, then standard and Latin American curvy nude female as well as belly dancing.

Striper been dancing all my life. I was always attuned with my body and watched myself in the mirror when I danced. That created striper, for one thing, and I can move really well as a result.

I have formal training as a musical performer, but Undressed think that's an exception.

17 Truths About What It's Actually Like To Be A Stripper

I've yet to meet another stripper who has also trained as a dancer. Not undressed after I started stripping, I got together with my boyfriend. I stopped soon after that.