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Worst naked scene

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Skip navigation! Sex in film: Like in real life, it can be really, really titillating, with well-lit passion and heart-palpitating chemistry.

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However, also like real life, when the rhythm is off or the audience isn't quite sold on the couple, it can be awkward, creepy, or unintentionally hysterical. While worst through our favorite films to figure out our favorite sex scenes of all time and, oh dear, they are goodwe inevitably started chatting about the on-screen coitus that didn't quite Seriously, when movie sex doesn't work, it acts as eating pussy group extra-large cinema bucket of ice water, doused right over the audience.

Now, we have already considered the least believable on-screen couples, but here, we are naked racier and going straight for the uncomfortable jugular.

Two notes: We didn't include Gigli or The Roombecause those have gone down in the annals of history as just being downright bad, and we thought it was a cheap shot.

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Secondly, we are going after The Matrix: Reloaded again, because it boasts scene funniest scene in sex-making history, ever.