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WWE’s Paige on What ‘Fighting With My Family’ Got Wrong, That Sex Tape Joke and More

Brodus Clay was a fixture wwe WWE television during the first half of this decade. Known as the Funkasaurus, Brodus was a lower midcard wrestler that would celebrate his in ring victories with a dance and pyrotechnic display. Well it appears Tyrus knew what being Un-PC is wrestler he has been accused of sending lewd text messages to his coworker, Britt McHenry, who filed a sexual fusker natural amateur complaint to Fox.

As per The Daily Beast —. Neither Tyrus nor McHenry responded to requests for comment and, when reached, a Fox News spokesperson declined to provide a statement. In May, the network announced he got his own show on the streaming platform, omitting any direct mention of his exit from the show with McHenry. So far the complaint has been filed and Tyrus has been taken off Un-PC, no word has come out whether the complaint has been taken any further or if any lasting action will be placed against Tyrus.

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