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Wwg lita nude

Joan Marie Laurer December 27, — April 20, was an American actress and retired amateur short nude wrestler.

The Hottest Pics of WWE's Lita (Amy Dumas)

A former bodybuildershe was best known for her career with the World Wrestling Federation from towhere she was billed as "Chyna: Her first match was in against a male wrestler dressed as a woman. While attending the school, she also worked for various independent promotions as Joanie Lee. Some of her earliest matches were set up by The Fabulous Moolah. After watching tapes of her matches, they decided to bring her into the WWF as a bodyguard.

Vince McMahonthe owner of the WWF, initially nude not want her to join the company lita he did not believe the audience would find a woman beating up men believable. Final Four ; her character emerged as a plant from a wwg seat, choking Marlena while Goldust was in the ring with Triple H.

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She often helped Triple H then, a rising villain cheat to win by physically interfering in matches by executing her trademark low blow to the groin. She was later introduced as Chyna, a play on words; fine china is delicate and fragile, which was a sharp contrast to her character. Off-screen, however, the male wrestlers were hesitant at first to let a female over-power them on-screen. Chyna teamed with Kane at the St.