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Young looking models

A beautiful face will never go out of style, however the models getting the most attention lately have been defined not by their adherence to the rules of symmetry but by their distinctive, jarring, and at times off-kilter looks. Every so often a model has emerged who shakes things up. These were movements that ushered models whole new eras, but they were also the reactionary responses to outmoded visuals.

Tweens on the Runway

At 6 feet tall, with insectile features and a clomping, stomping saunter completely unlike young walmart hotties of her peers, Bair is as close to a revelation as the business gets. She represents something unexpected, a new way of looking at beauty.

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Houses once known for their uniformly lovely selections of models have in recent seasons gone for girls with looks that skew unorthodox. Early adopter Hedi Slimane distinguished his vision for Saint Laurent with looking lineup of beauties that fit his rock-chick looking.

These models in casting are no happy accident, says Givenchy casting director Daniel Peddle, who with partner Drew Dasent also casts 3.

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With such a vast spectrum of types available, designers have the opportunity to craft a unique brand identity through their casting.

We see the really directional designers striving to march to their own drum beat rather than clamoring cum fetishes the same handful of girls. Individuality is really young at the moment. In recent seasons, the prominence of minimalist uniformity resulted in models whose nonchalant cool and sophistication young the streamlined clothes they wore on the runway.