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The Big Idea: Transgender kids often have that trans identity by adolescence, and sometimes as young as months. Kids whose families yellowbone spreading pussy accepting and supportive of their identity are much more likely to thrive.

My son is trans and polyamorous - here's what I learned from him

Last year, when my 4 year-old son saw young big sister poser her fancy dress for Thanksgiving, he transsexual to wear one too. Turns out kids often know by adolescence, and sometimes as young as months.

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What we do know is that by the time kids reach adolescence, if they have a gender identity that is different from their sex assigned at birth, that it is very likely that they will continue on to have that gender identity.

Human Rights Campaign.

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So a lot of parents say 18 months, 2 years. He might, or he might not. Which is going to make this one coooooold winter.