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These are external links and will open in a new window. A group of YouTube video-makers is suing it and parent company Google, claiming both discriminate against LGBT-themed videos and their creators.

YouTube: LGBT video-makers sue claiming discrimination

But YouTube said sexual orientation and gender identity played no role in deciding whether videos could earn ad revenue or appear in search results. The legal action also claims Google refused to let the creators of a show called GNews! In a phone call heard by BBC News, one Google ad representative told the programme's producers that "sexuality vid about the gays" broke its advertising rules.

However, videos discussing sexual experiences, sex toys and devices, and fetishes are not allowed to carry ads. The company accepted its automated systems did make mistakes when deciding whether to exclude a video from advertising sex said video-makers could appeal against automated decisions.

In the past, YouTube has not always explained exactly why specific videos have been john cleese nude from advertising or flagged as "unsuitable for all audiences".

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The lack of specific information has frustrated youtube from all walks of life. The phenomenon was even given a nickname: However, YouTube's ad-placement and content moderation decisions are mostly made by algorithms, which can struggle with the intricacies and nuance of human life.

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